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Spruce Grouse Range MapSpruce Grouse Range Map
The Spruce Grouse is a year-round resident from northern Alaska to northern Quebec, Labrador, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia south to south-coastal and southeastern Alaska, northern Oregon, southeastern Idaho, northwestern Wyoming, western Montana and southeastern Alberta to northern Minnesota east to northern Vermont, northern New Hampshire and eastern Maine. It's range is generally congruent with that of the northern coniferous forest. The Spruce Grouse inhabits short-needled coniferous forests, especially where living branches reach the ground and where there are numerous, scattered forest openings of a few hundred square feet. In the northeast, it prefers wet lowland edges and farther west, it prefers higher ground. The Spruce Grouse generally prefers a mixture of jack pine or lodgepole pine and spruce and sparse ground cover. The males establish breeding territories in dense pine stands. This grouse shows little fear of humans and is often called "fool hen."

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