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Screech Owl Houses
Screech Owl Range Map

Screech Owl House
Dimensions: 17-3/4"high x 9-1/4"wide x 11"deep
Screech Owl House
Screech owls prefer abandoned woodpecker holes at the edge of a field or neglected orchard. They will readily take to a box lined with an inch or two of wood shavings. If you clean the box out in late spring after the young owls have fledged, you may attract a second tenant--a kestrel. Trees isolated from larger tracts of woods have less chance of squirrels taking over the box.

Screech owls face tough competition from other birds because they are so small. This house provides a perfect cavity, complete with wood chips for nesting material.

Screech Owl House
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Eastern Screech Owls are found east of the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic. The species ranges from the Canadian boreal forests south to Mexico. They live in all forest types and prefer woodlands that are interspersed with the open clearings, meadows, and fields necessary for hunting. They also inhabit wetlands, orchards, suburban parks and gardens and towns.

Western Screech Owls range all along the western coast of the continent from Canada south to the Baja peninsula and into Mexico, and they are found as far east as the western border of Texas. They usually live at lower elevations and prefer open oak and riparian woodlands and seasonally wet areas. They also inhabit streamside groves, deserts, suburban parks, and gardens. Nests are typically found in natural cavities, abandoned woodpecker holes, and hollow stumps and limbs. The western species also nests in saguaro cactus cavities and abandoned magpie nests.

Both species use nest boxes, and field studies show that boxes are selected as often as natural cavities for nest sites. Our Screech Owl House provides a perfect cavity, complete with wood chips for nesting material. Optional Slate Squirrel Guard available to provide extra protection from squirrels that like to enlarge the entrance hole and occupy a bird house. The Screech Owl House should be mounted under a tree limb 10 to 30 feet high facing north. Two to three inches of wood shavings should be added for nesting material.

Screech Owl Nest Box Cam #1
Screech Owl Nest Box Cam #2

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