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Ruffed Grouse Range MapRuffed Grouse Range Map
The Ruffed Grouse is a year-round resident from central Alaska and northern Yukon to southern Labrador south to northwestern California, central and eastern Idaho, central Utah, Wyoming and Montana, central and southeastern Minnesota, Ohio, in the Appalachian Mountains to northern Georgia and northeastern Virginia; locally to western South Dakota. It has been introduced and established in Iowa and Newfoundland. The Ruffed Grouse inhabits successional to subclimax hardwood forests larger than 10 acres that have Betula or Populus present and an understory of small hardwoods, shrubs, and fruit-producing bushes (early successional stages of plant growth on logged-over areas are ideal). It frequents hedgerows and brushy patches in early fall; moves into more heavily wooded areas, especially coniferous cover in winter. It roosts in snow when snow is deep and soft, or may roost in trees or on the ground. The male uses logs, rocks, or other elevated sites for drumming in spring.

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